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Price list
Full set (natural)                                                        £38.50

Sculptured overlays (in any finish)                          £45.00

Infills (natural)                                                            £23.50

Permanent french (added to any of the above)        £6.00                         

Gel polish (added to any of the above)                      £6.00

Colour change.                                                             £15.00

Nail removal                                                                 £10 - £20

One coat gel (on naturalnails, in any finish).            £22.00

Just gel polish (on naural nails, french or colour)  £20.00

1 nail repair                                                                 £2.50-£3.50

Foil wraps on toes                                                         £25.00
Uv gel polish infills, also french polish full set